June LeBell

June LeBell

June lives in Sarasota and is a former New Yorker, where she had an illustrious 30-year run on a commercial classical radio station in NY City (now a public, classical radio station, thank you very much!) – WQXR. While there, she interviewed anywhere from 5 to 30 different people a week – in addition to her classical music announcing duties. So her role with us a producer, writer and host of June LeBell’s Musical Conversations will come quite naturally. We are so happy to have her on board and I invite you to take a moment out of your busy weekend, your busy life and – pour a glass of wine, a cold yummy beer, or a lovely tall iced tea and turn on 89.1 or 103.9 and listen…as you’re invited into June’s radio living room for an hour of conversation, music, and the joy that’s found in both!

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